• Check and slow down wear on the conveyor chain
  • Determine decreasing preload force
  • Prevent overloading of the conveyor
  • Track the rotation of the return sprockets
  • Monitor the performance of the drive
  • Enable targeted intervention in the production flow
  • Avoid unnecessary downtimes
  • Optimize operational safety of the conveyor system

Simple data representation

For the visualization of the measured data, all hardware end user devices are suitable. A solid LAN or WLAN connection and a mobile network are required.

Suitable end user devices

  • Desktop PCs
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones


Several sensors ensure the perfect control of your conveyor

The sensors are attached at different points in the conveyor and are used for the

  • Chain running analysis
  • Velocity analysis
  • Driveshaft analysis
  • Gearbox temperature analysis
  • Speed and active current analysis
  • Oil aging analysis
  • Temperature analysis
  • Detection of seized idlers
  • Overfill detection
  • General performance analysis
Automatic chain tensioning

The LASHXTENSION® is an essential part of the wet deslagger with integrated Service Commander developed by Loibl. The patented automatic chain tensioning from Loibl is used for the functional check of the chain running and ensures that both chain strands elongate identically.

Vibration sensors

The drive is considered as the most important element of a conveyor. Vibration sensors in the conveyor detect and analyze inadmissible noises, thus allowing a preventive protection against damages. Additionally, the oil temperature of the gearbox is measured.

Oil-aging sensor

An oil-aging sensor checks the flowability and lubricity of the gearbox oil.

Temperature sensor

The temperature sensor can protect the drive from overheating.

Roll motion measurement

Seized submerged idlers can disturb the operation and result in chain breakage due to excessive tension. The sensors measure the movement of the idlers at regular intervals to detect possible malfunctions in real time.

  • Innovative software as the basis of the measurement system
  • Software connected to Loibl Service Controller
  • Service Controller transfers current measurements, statistics and tables to your workstation