pitch angle0° up to 90°
hot materialup to 1,000 °C
conveyor lengthup to 250 m


resource-conserving, intelligent, effective

The LASHDRYPRON® from Loibl is used for the handling of unburnt residuals, slags as well as ash (grate ash, bottom ash / bed ash) from a combustion process. It consists of a sturdy steel sheet housing and a fork link conveyor chain with pushers as an apron belt, which is guided over drive and tensioning sprockets.

The LASHDRYPRON® picks up accumulated combustion residues from the furnace and conveys them horizontally and ascending in direction of the drive station for discharge. The air flow being generated by the vacuum pressure of the boiler cools down the residuals (ashes) on the apron belt and leads the heat thus generated to the boiler. In the conveying line there are oscillating, adjustable flaps causing air turbulences to achieve improved cooling properties of the ash.

The LASHDRYPRON® from Loibl is provided by the customer with louver, level measuring system for the dry extinguisher, pressure measuring system, temperature measuring system and cameras. A proximity sensor attached to the tensioning shaft is used for the speed monitoring. Two other proximity sensors are used for the chain tension monitoring.

As a precautionary measure, water extinguishing devices will be provided by the customer. Possible fires can be extinguished by dry extinguishing with ash, which is available in superior containers.


Combustion residues such as

  • Slags
  • Bottom ash / bed ash
  • Grate ash
  • Fly ash


  • Drive: bevel gear motor
  • Temperature: up to 500 °C
  • Input power: 5,5 kW
  • Conveying speed 0,01 – 0,04 m/s
  • Conveying capacity: 4 t/h – 9,2 t/h
  • Center distance: 38,000 mm
  • Trough width: 2,000 mm

LASHDRYPRON® - Dry Deslagging by Loibl

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