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Chris (32), project manager at Loibl Förderanlagen GmbH:

„At Loibl, we all have each other's backs and always have an open ear for our colleagues.“

Insider tip Loibl

Who helps him with that? "My family, but also my colleagues." Chris joined Loibl in 2007. Since then Karl Zeitler, Managing Director CTO, has been among his mentors. "Karl knows the company and its machines like no one else. I can constantly learn new things from him."

Another important person in Chris' life is his colleague Marvin. The two have known each other since Chris was a trainee. "The way he handles projects is really great. I'm still trying to get to his design level," Chris says with a wink. The two project managers are not only connected by their joint work, but also by a close friendship in their private lives.

  • Karl (center), Managing Director CTO, counts as one of the most important mentors in Chris' life

  • Chris has been friends with project manager Marvin (right) for many years

Secretly, however, he raves about wet slag conveyors. "My engineer's heart beats faster with wet slag conveyors: massive construction, unique and complex, and with high drive power - that's exactly to my taste." Despite his attention to detail, Chris never loses sight of the big picture: "At Loibl, we create system-relevant machines and systems that enjoy a high global standing. I can't describe it any other way, but it really is a kind of happiness when you see the machines that you have planned and designed yourself and as a team in painstaking detail take shape in the workshop and go into operation on site at the customer's premises."

"If something doesn't go quite right, we discuss it immediately as a team. We all have each other's backs and always have an open ear for our colleagues." Especially in the technical office, where Chris works, you can feel the cohesion, because everyone there is part of a sworn community. "The people at Loibl have always been great. The fact that we can all rely on each other so well is worth its weight in gold," says Chris.

In the meantime, they are permanently on the road with their motor home and enjoying their well-deserved retirement. For the time being, Chris prefers to spend his free time at home in Straubing together with his wife, also a technical draftswoman, and their son together. Both are important pillars in his life. Chris associates Straubing with his home, his family and his work. A trinity in which the work is Chris's insider tip. "Loibl should not be underestimated." That from the mouth of a self-confessed pessimist? You can't get more authentic than that.

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