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Graduate engineer Frank Dietrich (57), senior sales engineer at Loibl Förderanlagen GmbH:

"In my studies, I was involved with processing and conveying technology, and later, as a design engineer, I constructed the machines myself, progressed from small to large projects, and gained good and bad experience with each project. Since then, I've been guided by the saying, "Experience is the sum of the mistakes you make."

From underdog to Ironman World Championship

Triathlon is an individual sport. Candidates compete either man against man or woman against woman. "You're out for 11 hours in some cases," Frank says. "That's a long time to be by yourself. That's when you get to think."

A passion for extreme sports. His enthusiasm for triathlons opened up the world of Ironman competitions to Frank. "Every Ironman is an absolute extreme situation," he explains. "It depends on how you handle the strain and the pain. That determines how far you make it." Frank prepares for each triathlon with a lot of training: Swimming, cycling, running and very often belt training, a combination of cycling and running. At his best times, Frank trained up to 20 hours a week - alongside work. A balancing act that he managed effortlessly due to his enjoyment of the sport.

Ironman triathlons are judged by age group. "In my age group, you have to be able to swim 3.8 km, bike 180 km and run 42 km." His best time is 9:41 hours. "But the real pros need a maximum of 8 hours for that," he says with a grin. His athletic ambition drives him. Frank is always in the top twenty.

  • Cycling, swimming and running - sometimes up to 11 hours at a stretch

Well-traveled and been around. Frank covered his most successful race in 2019. A half-distance Ironman in Mallorca, covering half the distance of a normal Ironman. In the process, he took 2nd place in his age group. A huge success. "Making it to the podium was an indescribable feeling." The hard training and agony paid off. But the best part was the celebration afterwards. "Ironman victory ceremonies are always well celebrated," Frank says with a twinkle in his eye.

For the future, he would like to see international competitions get underway again soon. Because of Corona, many Ironman have been cancelled or postponed, so Frank now trains a lot from home. "It's not the same, but it helps to stay reasonssably fit and not gain too much weight," he admits. "Sure, you get lazy. But that's nice, too. It makes you all the more excited again to finally get going."

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