Not in my backyard!

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Arnd Benninghoff, Managing Director of Loibl Förderanlagen GmbH:

"We are pleased to be part of ESWET, an international European network of world-class technology providers. With our technologies, we enable the recovery of energy and materials from non-recyclable waste that would otherwise be landfilled or shipped, thus contributing to the protection of our environment."

A campaign about the export of waste

Waste-to-energy represents an important step in the circular economy chain: It complements recycling and allows landfills to be minimized and non-recyclable waste to be rehabilitated, avoiding the associated pollution and its impact on health. In turn, waste-to-energy plants recover energy (electricity, heat and steam) and materials (iron, aluminum, copper, steel and even silver and gold).

For more info on this topic, visit the ESWET website.

Loibl Förderanlagen GmbH practices sustainable conveyor construction at the highest level. We support municipalities and operators in implementing their sustainable goals and offer our customers green technologies to help them make the switch. Loibl produces resource-efficiently out of its own responsibility to protect and preserve a healthy and natural environment.

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