COVID-19: keep at it despite corona

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The company responds quickly to official regulations. For example, we issued proofs of employment for all employees, which they needed on their way to work. ”Many of our service technicians are currently working on sites in Sweden and in the Netherlands. We try to make sure as far as possible that they also safely work over there and maintain an ongoing dialog with them“, adds Franz Böhm, Specialist for Occupational Health & Safety and Maintenance. They have an international health insurance and must always have a proof of employment and an order confirmation with them from the moment they cross the border.

Self-supply is the motto. The company introduced a new shift system in production some weeks ago to prevent contacts between the employees and to minimize the risk of infections. The production staff is now working in separate factory halls. This ensures that all teams can continue working, if an infection should occur. Additional protection is provided by the much coveted FFP2 and FFP3 PSA masks.” We still have a remaining stock for the production engineering requirements and endeavor to increase their quantity.” Disinfectants, however, will no longer be purchased. “We have sufficiently stocked”, smiles Franz Böhm. When stocks became less, the company quickly made its own disinfectant of bioethanol, hydrogen peroxide, glycerin and distilled water. “Loibl also does in chemistry now“, laughs Mr. Böhm.

Production team in the final assembly hall

  • With a proper distance (f.l.t.r.): Stefan Grzyb (production), Enrico Krottosch (production), Stefan Wasner (head of final assembly), Hermann Lehner (head of production), Christoph Meier (production)

  • Occupational safety specialist Franz Böhm (2nd f.r.) with colleagues

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