Loibl uses state-of-the-art technology to enable a continuous flow of materials and minimize energy losses. We also offer solutions to reduce emissions and comply with strict environmental regulations.

With years of experience and proven expertise, we are at your side throughout the entire project - from planning and design to installation and commissioning. Our experts work closely with you to develop conveyor systems that meet your individual requirements.

Fuel handling and fuel logistics

  • Belt conveyor

  • Scraper wet slag conveyor in test run

  • Trough chain conveyor


  • Silo for storage of co-firing material

  • Encapsulated trough chain conveyor for conveying co-firing material

  • Silo discharge screw for co-firing applications

  • Specially designed fire extinguishing container for co-firing applications

Slag removal systems and ash removal systems

  • Trough chain conveyor

  • Apron wet slag conveyor

  • SCC wet ash conveyor

  • Belt conveyor

Raw coal handling

  • Ash and slag conveyors
  • LASHBELTCON® – Belt conveyors
  • LASHCHAINCON® – Trough chain conveyors
  • Pan Conveyors
  • LASHSCREWCON® - Screw conveyors
  • LASHBUCKETCON® – Bucket elevators (belt / chain)
  • LASHFLEXCON® – Side wall conveyor
  • Box feeders
  • Feed hoppers and hopper cars
  • Rotary feeders
  • Silos
  • further components and special solutions

Pneumatic ash conveying

Loibl offers pneumatic conveying systems for conveying fly ash in fossil-fired power plants, with which the ash can be transported over both short and long distances.

Our highly qualified engineers and application technicians are on hand to help you select the optimum pneumatic conveying method, be it dense or thin flow. We test different materials and determine the correct parameters such as pressure and line cross-section for your system.

Lime and gypsum

  • LASHBELTCON® - Belt conveyors
  • LASHCHAINCON® - Trough chain conveyors
  • LASHSCREWCON® - Screw conveyors
  • LASHBUCKETCON® - Bucket elevators (belt / chain)
  • LASHFLEXCON® - Side wall conveyor
  • LASHPIPECON® - Pipe conveyors
  • LASHLOOPCON® - Closed loop conveyor
  • Box feeders
  • Silos
  • Loading systems and unloading systems (for ships, loading terminals, truck stations)
  • Storage units
  • Feed hoppers and hopper cars
  • Furhter components and special solutions
  • Encapsulated trough chain conveyor with integrated explosion protection

  • Water extinguishing container for special transport conditions in the coal sector

  • Unloading system for port handling

Our service at a glance

  • Basic and detail engineering of the machinery and related steel structure
  • Repair work on components in our factory
  • Delivery, assembly and commissioning
  • Maintenance and inspection work as well as on-site training
  • Delivery of spare and wear parts
  • 24/7 emergency assistance
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