Case study – Transport plant for the chemical industry in Spain

Chemical Industry
Installation location

Tarragona, Spain

Delivery of the Loibl components

April 2021

Project construction phase



Salt feed hopper,
Trough screw conveyor,
Trough belt conveyor,
Steel structure and walkways

Special features

all components made of stainless steel
with very good corrosion resistance

Case study

Sustainable chlorine production in Spain

The salt required for chlorine production is delivered by truck and unloaded into the feed bunker by a front-wheel loader. The bunker has a capacity of 25 m³ and allows a material throughput of up to 60 t/h. The bunker is equipped with four vibrating motors. They allow the hopper to be completely emptied when stopped and manually cleaned in case of bridging or blockages. A sensor on the top of the hopper continuously measures the fill level and a traffic light signals the current operating status.

Below the hopper, the salt is discharged by a LASHSCREWCON® with a varying conveying capacity between 27 t/h and max. 60 t/h. Connected to this is a long LASHBELTCON® whose belt and plastic rollers have been selected to suit the corrosive environment. The trough belt conveyor transports the salt to a saturation tank; the belt filling rate can vary according to the conveying capacity. Instead of the conventional truss structure, Loibl Förderanlagen GmbH, in cooperation with a structural engineering team, opted for a self-supporting stainless steel framework consisting of conveyor belt and bridge. Due to the material properties, the components were mainly made of folded sheet metal and for the most part bolted instead of welded.


Sustainable plant engineering as well as consistent investment in new processes and technology have a high priority for the Loibl Förderanlagen GmbH. We support greentech projects that prove to be forward-looking in achieving environmental technology goals. In doing so, we offer a comprehensive range of materials, supplies and services that meet the diverse needs of our customers.

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