Case study – Complete retrofit in the waste incineration plant in Bonn

Retrofit, modernization, performance improvement
Installation location

Bonn, Germany


Working with limited space

Conveyed material

Ash, slag

Conversion year



Complete conveyor technology for boiler and FGD ash as well as slag


higher system availability, more productivity and safety for daily operations

Case study

Sustainable and economic maintenance and refurbishment

After its lifting into position the steel structure was provided with a roof and a wall cladding to protect the silos and Loibl’s materials handling equipment from weather. For the annex Loibl opened the existing outer wall thus creating a passage to the main site.

These refurbishment measures allowed an improved productivity of the plant. The new slag transport system provides an efficient processing operation. After the waste incineration the remaining slag drops from the grate into the slag pusher to be cooled down slowly in a water bath. After the slag pusher the slag is conveyed into the slag hopper by an apron conveyor. With one ton of waste less than 300 kg of slag will remain. About one quarter of the initial quantity of waste which can be processed for further use. For example in road construction. In addition, several tons of iron, steel and non-ferrous metals can be recovered and recycled annually. Sustainability and efficiency are not a contradiction. A higher plant availability, more productivity and safety for daily operation are guaranteed by Loibl’s retrofit measures.

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Loibl starts every retrofit project with a professional inspection and analysis of the actual condition of the components and equipment concerned. This is followed by in-depth consultations for the presentation of specific refurbishment measures. Experienced specialists enable us to offer qualified consulting services worldwide. Then Loibl starts the engineering and manufacture implemented at the Straubing/Bavaria location. Next step is the implementation on site. To ensure a technically perfect functioning, all components of the equipment are designed and made according to the latest safety standards. Loibl’s range of retrofit work is topped off by extensive tests prior to delivery, hot and cold commissioning, maintenance work and inspections as well as professional training.

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