Case Study – The ecological footprint


Dombasle, France

Planning period

February 2022 - November 2022

Bulk material

non-recyclable refuse derived fuels (RDF)

The wet deslaggers used in the new RDF power plant are installed directly below the grate firing system and are set up at a 40-degree angle. They are filled with water, which enables them to cool the burned RDF quickly and reliably. Cooling RDF uses less water overall than cooling burned coal residue, reducing the soda ash plant's annual water consumption by 7%. The cooled residues are conveyed to an adjacent slag bunker by means of robust apron conveyors.

Refuse-derived fuels instead of coal

Refuse-derived fuels are usually derived from non-recyclable waste. They can be recovered as solid fuels that replace fossil resources. For example, the RDF used at Dombasle prevents the use of 200,000 tons of coal per year, which was previously needed to operate the long-established soda plant. The switch will generate clean, competitive energy that will sustainably improve the region's environmental footprint.

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