Case Study - Customised transport and discharge conveyor system for burnt waste wood

Location & year of construction

Antwerp, Belgium

conveyed material

Bed material

Special features

Customised conveyor technology for coarse grain transport

Biomass plant for sustainable power and heat generation

Since the beginning of December 2022, the plant at the port of Antwerp has been feeding environmentally friendly electricity and heat into the regional power grid. This will enable the incineration of up to 180,000 tonnes of waste wood per year in the future.

Recirculation conveying system. The fine and coarse grains of the bed ash are separated by a screening process. The separated hot coarse grain, including unburnt material and impurities, is conveyed by a pan conveyor into containers for disposal. The pan conveyor, which was specially designed for the transport of coarse grain, is characterised by utmost durability and at the same time low-maintenance and energy-efficient operation. An elaborate distribution mechanism arranged above the containers enables maximum and clean filling of the containers. Optimal filling of the containers reduces unnecessary transports, saves resources and thus the environment.

  • Bed material transport system

Ash removal. A discharge screw with downstream rotary valve as an air seal removes fly ash from the process. Agglomerates in the fly ash are discharged by means of a screening drum and the fine fraction of the fly ash is transported to a residue silo by pneumatic conveying technology. After intermediate storage, the fine fraction is put to further use. The pneumatic conveying pipe is coated with wear-resistant material, which increases the service life and minimises the otherwise increased repair costs due to the abrasiveness of the product.

  • Storage silo

  • Ash removal system


Sustainability project

Environmentally sustainable electricity and heat supply is gaining international relevance. With a total investment of around 95 million euros, the E-Wood project will sustainably and reliably produce 20 MW of electricity and 11.5 MW of heat for the Antwerp grid from waste wood consisting of industrial wood waste and construction and demolition waste.

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