Case study – Slag Treatment in Australia

High-performance slag processing plant from Loibl
Installation location

west coast of Australia



Conveyed material


Year of construction

2020, 2021


Feed bunker, conveying channels, overband magnet separator,
troughed belt conveyor, crusher,
Non ferrous separator
sieves, sorting cabin,
magnetic drum,

Special features

Plant engineering completely adapted to Australian specifications

Case study

Slag Processing Plant in Down Under

Effective sorting. The slag is first conveyed to a feed bunker where a coarse separation (oversize) of the FE metals takes place. A troughed belt conveyor transports the slag to the next station, where crushers crush the material. Material with oversize, which should not enter the crusher, is sorted out beforehand by means of a distribution station. Filter systems at transfer points and sorting stations ensure that the dust is reduced.

The material coming out of the crusher is fed via appropriate conveyor systems to the following sorting devices for further processing. There, there are screening devices which sort the slag according to grain size and transport it away by means of various conveyor lines. At this point, ferrous separation takes place with the aid of magnetic separators. Coarser residues are manually sorted in a sorting cabin. The air-conditioned sorting cabin is designed according to ergonomic standards and meets Australian work and safety requirements. Non-ferrous fractions are automatically sorted and separated by eddy current separators. A magnetic drum separates the remaining ferrous components from the slag. The slag thus processed is sorted into different grain sizes from 0-200 mm diameter using suitable screening techniques and temporarily stored in boxes provided for this purpose, from where it is transported further for further use. Ferrous and non ferrous and components are further processed in the recycling process.

Profitable end products. Separated metals such as iron, copper, aluminum and brass are efficiently separated from the slag by this process and made available in a single type. The processed slag can be used as a basic material in road construction and civil engineering, among others.

Loibl’s scope of supply and services


  • Feed bunker
  • Conveying channels
  • Overband magnet separator
  • Two-way distributor
  • Crusher
  • LASHBELTCON® - Troughed belt conveyor
  • Sieves
  • Sorting cabin
  • Magnetic drum
  • Non ferrous separator
  • Steel construction
  • Control engineering and plant monitoring
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