Case study – Redundant slag transport in four identical waste-to-energy plants

Thermal Waste Treatment, Slag Processing
Installation location

Noginsk, Woskresensk, Naro-Fominsk and Solnetschnogorsk in Moscow region, Russia


May 2022


Troughed belt conveyor, overbelt magnetic separator

Case study

No more domestic waste in Russian landfills

The slag resulting from incineration is distributed to two 76-meter-long troughed belt conveyor lines via six feed stations at each cogeneration plant. The redundant process used increases plant availability and prevents operational downtime, as the operator can switch between two conveyor lines. The LASHBELTCON® transports the slag to maintenance towers containing magnetic separators.

The magnetic separators remove most of the contained FE constituents from the slag and transfer them via a drop chute to the storage boxes below. Further conveyors transport the slag to the slag preparation plant, where the bottom ash is prepared for further use. Each plant processes 700,000 tons of waste per year and generates up to 75 MW of electrical energy from it.


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