Case study – Individual transport solutions for Sweden's waste incineration plants

Slag and Ash Transport
Installation location

Högdalen, Sweden

Conveyed material

Slag, Ash

Year of construction



Trough belt conveyors, trough chain conveyors, trough screw conveyors, components

Special features

special design of the components

Case study

Loibl delivers to Högdalen in Sweden

Special ash transport. The ash produced by the combustion process is reliably transported away via Loibl equipment. A discharge screw conveyor was installed on the 2nd/3rd boiler pass, which returns the ash to the on-site slag drop shaft. This LASHSCREWCON® including the drop shaft is equipped with a stainless steel contact protection. The fly ash at the horizontal hoist is conveyed via rotary valves as well as a LASHSCREWCON® into a collecting screw. The LASHCHAINCON® at the economizer is designed as a single strand chain conveyor and discharges the accumulating ash in the upper run to the collecting screw. The collection screw was designed with a split trough and screw shafts. This specification was adapted to the structural conditions on site and is conducive to changeover as well as dismantling operations. The collection screw discharges into a reversible LASHSCREWCON®, which discharges the ash into an on-site stockpile trough chain conveyor and, in the event of a failure, into an emergency ash removal container.

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