Case study – Ash transport of industrial sewage sludge

Ash transport, sewage sludge incineration
Installation location

Leverkusen, Germany

Year of construction


Conveyed material

Ash from the incineration of industrial sewage sludge

Building object

existing plant, partially refurbished

Special features

All components made of particularly temperature-resistant materials; construction of a simultaneously mixing and conveying mixer screw with paddles instead of screw blades

Case study

Ash transport at the disposal center of CHEMPARK Leverkusen

The combustion residues (ash) coming from the rotary kiln are sorted by size via oversize separators. Coarser components are sorted out in a separate container, while finer ashes enter the buffer containers. The originally used and maintenance-intensive mixer system for ash moistening was replaced in the course of the partial rehabilitation by a more powerful and effective double mixer screw. The mixer screw humidifies and mixes the ash. Due to the aggressive fumes, the screw blades are clad with corrosion-resistant steel and are characterized by their robust design. Paddles for mixing are mounted on the screw tree.

In the final step, the moist ash mixture is transported to the truck receiving point via a dump truck.


Industrial and conventional sewage sludge is composed of a large number of pollutants, which can have various and sometimes unknown effects on nature and man. The incineration of sewage sludge represents a sensible and environmentally friendly solution to reduce the discharge of pollutants during sewage sludge utilization. Loibl Förderanlagen GmbH has the necessary experience and technical know-how to equip incineration plants with robust, wear-resistant systems and conveyors. We take care of the cooling, transport, and storage of the ash.

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