Case Study - New hazardous waste incineration plant for Finnish waste management

Loibl supplies movable wet slag conveyor and complete ash removal system for hazardous waste incineration plant in Finland

Vantaa, Finland

Planning period

May 2023 – November 2023

Special features

Wet deslagger with chassis, can be moved completely for maintenance purposes

Finland. The newly constructed hazardous waste incineration plant in Vantaa, Finland, processes up to 40,000 tons of non-recyclable waste annually and converts it into the important energy sources of district heating and electricity. This reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill and minimizes the amount of non-recyclable residues. The new hazardous waste incineration plant helps to reduce regional dependence on fossil fuels and makes an important contribution to the circular economy.

Loibl Förderanlagen GmbH supplied a wet slag conveyor and the complete ash removal system, including pneumatic conveying, for the project.

Ash removal process. Loibl supplied all the necessary equipment for ash removal from the hazardous waste incineration plant, including conveyors, dosing units and slide gate valves. A water-cooled discharge screw and a trough chain conveyor ensure that the ash is reliably removed from the trains. Before being conveyed to the ash silo by means of a pneumatic pressure transmitter, the ashes are crushed in a roll crusher. The crusher is mounted on a carriage and can be quickly removed from its installation position for maintenance and inspection purposes. When switching to container ash removal, the entire system does not have to be switched off and can continue producing. The pneumatic system is equipped with a common feed hopper and two sending containers, which shoot the ashes individually or alternately into a silo over 60 m away.

Contributing to the circular economy

The wet deslagger has been specially adapted to the requirements and harsh operating conditions of the rotary kiln and has a particularly sturdy design. The ash removal system enables reliable and economical removal of residual materials from the boiler system. With this optimum equipment, the hazardous waste incineration plant makes an important contribution to waste disposal in the region.

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