pitch angle0° up to 90°
Hot materialup to 1,000 °C
Conveying lengthup to 250 m

Customized, Sturdy, Durable

Trough chain conveyors offer a wide range of applications and design variants. They can be dust-tight, gas-tight, pressure-shock-proof and designed in accordance with ATEX directives.

The LASHCHAINCON® is designed as a single strand or multiple strand conveyor with axis distances of up to 250 m and a trough width of up to 3 m. Our trough chain conveyors are also used as trickle scraper conveyors below other continuous conveyors.


  • Low operating costs
  • Compact, sturdy, enclosed design
  • Modular building block system
  • Suitable for hot, powdery, fine-grained, free-flowing, slightly agglomerating up to strongly abrasive products
  • Reversing operation possible
  • Explosion-proof application acc. to ATEX directives
  • Suitable for hopper discharge, hot material handling, dosing operation
  • Environmentally friendly operation by avoiding dust emissions
  • Low maintenance and wear resistant
  • Safe operation by enclosed design
  • Customized detailed solutions
  • Long service life and high availability
  • Inclination angles: 0° - 90° (L and Z arrangements)
  • U-shaped bulk material circulation for vertical conveying
  • Self-supporting housing suitable for dust-tight, pressure-tight, gas-tight, water-tight, odor-tight and pressure-surge-resistant use
  • Cooling or heating functions
  • Pushers and scrapers of wear-resistant materials or plastics
  • Hard surfacing, stoneware linings (basalt) possible as an option
  • Round link chains, bush conveyor chains, forged fork link chains can be used
  • Sprockets with replaceable tooth segments or split chain stars for easy maintenance  
  • Use of wear-preventing, rustproof and heat-resistant materials