• LASHXTENSION® – Automatic Tensioning

    In conventional chain conveyors, the chain tension condition is often checked visually. For this purpose machine elements must be uncovered which can be contaminated or damaged in the process. After the inspection, a repeated tensioning of the chain is required with partially high effort. This monthly maintenance work causes regular costs and unnecessary downtimes for the operators.

  • Box Feeders

    Box feeders from Loibl serve as receiving and dosing devices for continuous processing operations at intermittent product feeding by cranes, shovel wheel loaders or continuous conveyors. The buffer volume as well as the discharge properties of the conveyed material largely determine the dimensioning of the hopper section and the discharge conveyor.

  • Silos and Bins

    Round silos, rectangular silos and feed bins are provided by Loibl, the equipment specialist, in all sizes, with contents up to 10,000 m³ and diameters up to 6,000 mm. These silos and bins ensure a smooth integration into your production flows while keeping investment costs low.

  • Live Bottom Systems

    The live bottom is as proven discharge and conveying device preferably for rectangular underground and tower silos or feed gutters. It is suitable to discharge dry, moist, muddy and sluggish bulk materials from hoppers or gutters with flat bottom.