Our slag conveyors and ash conveyors are characterized by their high reliability and sturdy design. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and high-quality materials, they are able to safely transport large quantities of slag and ash without compromising on efficiency.

Another advantage of our range is the easy maintenance and cleaning of our conveyors. Maintenance work can be carried out quickly and effectively thanks to easy access to the relevant components, which maximizes the uptime of your system.

At a glance

  • Low maintenance effort
  • Flexible and indiviudally applicable
  • Variable conveying speeds possible
  • Long service life and high availability
  • Designs suitable for wet and dry operation
  • Feeding during ongoing operationpossible
  • Box feeders
  • Chutes
  • Disc screens
  • Docking devices for emergency ash removal
  • Double flap valves
  • Magnetic separators and non-ferrous metal separators
  • Mixers and humidifiers
  • Needle valves
  • Non-ferrous separators
  • Plow scrapers
  • Roll and impact crushers
  • Rotary feeders
  • Slide gate valves
  • Seperators
  • Silos
  • Two-way-Diverters
  • Wet slag conveyor in a waste-fueled power station

  • Slag pusher in production

  • Sturdy
  • Reliable
  • Dust-tight
  • Waterproof
  • Wear-resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Standardized sizes
  • High strength steel
  • Temperature resistant
  • Heat exchange function
  • Pressure shock resistant
  • Variable conveying speeds
  • Scraper wet slag conveyor for a coal fired power plant

  • Special solution wet slag conveyor: LASHSUBCHAIN® (SCC)



For thermal waste treatment plants, Loibl manufactures, for example, sturdy apron feeders or ram deslaggers, depending on the application. Equipped with durable apron conveyors and forged forked link chains as traction elements, construction widths of up to 4,200 mm and axis distances of up to 70 m can be realized.

Loibl builds temperature-resistant conveyor systems for dry paint stripping. The LASHDRYPRON® is a patented dry deslagger which as a robust apron feeder constructed:


Mechanical slag preparation plants by Loibl reliably remove incineration residues reliably and continuously to a sustainable treatment process. They are made up of several components in which various recyclable fractions are sorted and separated. Sorting takes place automatically and according to customer-specific requirements. Different fractions such as ferrous and non-ferrous are separated and separated from the inner materials. The inner materials are divided into different grain sizes and sorted.


For ash removal in ash handling plants, Loibl supplies dust-proof or pressure-proof systems, including associated components. These include, for example, scraper chain conveyors screw conveyors, mixers for humidifying dry ash and associated components such as crushers, slide gate valves, and wear-resistant chutes.

For fly ash or crushed boiler ash, Loibl supplies pneumatic conveying systems, silo plants, and equipment for truck loading. truck loading.


The thermal process for waste treatment produces both slag and ash as by-products. The slag must be carefully handled and removed to ensure safe disposal. This is not only an important step in terms of environmental aspects, but also for the safety of employees and operations. Loibl offers specially designed slag conveyors that enable efficient cooling, transportation and discharge of the slag. Our robust solutions ensure that the slag is transported safely from the thermal plant to the storage or treatment facility.

At the same time, safe handling of the ash is also of paramount importance. By using ash conveyors specifically designed for this purpose, Loibl enables the safe and efficient removal of ash. These conveyors are designed to move the ash effectively and in a controlled manner to enable optimum disposal.

Loibl Förderanlagen GmbH attaches great importance to environmental aspects and sustainability. Our slag and ash conveyors are designed accordingly to minimize environmental impact. The use of our state-of-the-art technology optimizes energy consumption and reduces emissions.


Loibl takes care of the cooling and conveying of ashes produced during sewage sludge incineration. From mechanical to pneumatic conveying, Loibl is a one-stop shop. We supply trough chain conveyors and crushers as well as various screw conveyors, among others in special designs such as the LASHSLUDGECON®.


LASHSLAGCON® and LASHSUBCON® are used for the slag discharge of combustion residues in fossil-fired power plants. These scraper wet slag conveyors ensure reliable
conveying of the residues. In addition we supply fossil-fuelled power plants with our tried and tested LASHBELTCON® and LASHBUCKETCON®. In addition, we offer ship loaders with associated equipment.


Biomass conveying technology from Loibl includes dry and wet ash conveyors as well as deslaggers. In addition to apron feeders, scraper chain conveyors are used depending on the requirements. For biomass transport, our systems are designed and manufactured according to fire protection regulations and ATEX protection guidelines.