Charging hoppers and hopper cars usually required for ship unloading of bulk goods using an excavator or crane. They act as a link between an unloading device or excavator and the subsequent transportation solution for the bulk material. Belt, chain or pan conveyors are used as discharge devices.

Hopper cars can be equipped with additional solutions, including filter systems and dust retention systems or special mechanical constructions and other equipment.

At a glance

  • Modular and partially bolted construction
  • The design is created in 3D using the latest drawing programs
  • Consideration and implementation of all  customer wishes and requirements
  • The components are manufactured in a certified company using the latest production processes
  • The load-bearing structures are designed in accordance with the latest European regula-tions, taking into account the guidelines applicable at the installation site
  • Linings can be equipped with sliding plastics
  • Water spraying devices enable safe operation in explosive ambient conditions
  • Feed hoppers and bins can be lined with a wide variety of wear-resistant metallic materials
  • Feed hoppers and bins can be equipped with mechanical and/or pneumatic discharge aids
  • Automatic water-wash systems for cleaning the hopper surfaces during product changeovers
  • Extraction and filter systems can be integrated to ensure environmentally friendly, low-dust operation
  • Platforms, maintenance walkways and access points in the design are adapted to customer requirements and integrated into the design