• Double Flap Valve

    Double flap valves are used as shut-off elements. They are conveying dusty and free-flowing materials into or out of closed processes. They are particularly suitable to discharge highly abrasive bulk materials.

  • Needle Valves

    Needle valves represent a special subtype of bulk material slide valves. Such as slide gate valves (flat slide valves) they are used for blocking and dosing of lumpy, strongly abrasive products.

  • Disc Screens

    Disc screens serve as sorting units which are arranged between two conveyors. By screening, smaller particles of the conveyed material, coarse material, oversized pieces and foreign materials within the material flow can be sorted out reliably.

  • Weighing Hoppers

    Weighing hoppers are loading devices which are used for the filling of bulk material containers and vehicles. Fine and coarse bulk materials as well as powdery, granular and crystalline materials can be weighed precisely.

  • Two-Way Diverters

    Product diverters from Loibl are used to route the bulk material flow direction in vertical, unpressurized application. In addition to the typical design as a breech chute, we can also offer multi-way diverters according to the requested functions. Material, drive, angle of the outgoing chutes and the size are specifically adapted to the system.