Case study – New slag removal system for WtE plant in Germany

Location & year of construction

Magdeburg, Germany

conveyed material


Special features

Continuously inclining apron conveyor with almost16 degree pitch angle

Case Study

Longstanding cooperation continues

Retrofit project under narrow conditions. After almost two decades of reliable operation, the first of the two wet slag conveyors was replaced in 2021. Our engineering team designed the pan conveyor according to the spatial requirements in a continuously inclined shape with an angle of more than 16 degrees. It can convey up to 25 tonnes of combustion waste per hour. The slag residues are discharged through the wet slag conveyor, cooled and dumped into the subsequent slag bunker.

  • Wet slag conveyor with 16 degree incline

  • Component of the wet slag conveyor


  • Apron wet slag conveyor
  • Chutes
  • Expansion joints
  • Stainless steel vapour extraction
  • Platforms
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