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Lukas (22), technical project planning aftermarket at Loibl Förderanlagen GmbH:

„At Loibl, you are always supported and encouraged - whether during your internship, training or in your job. This gave me a lot of confidence to grow into my new position."

Never stand still

Why he wanted to go back to school so early? "I wanted to show that I could do my job." And how he did. At 20, he passed his exams to become a master precision mechanic with honors, the youngest in his class.

Hierarchies at Loibl are flat. Commitment and good performance are always rewarded. This is how it came about that Lukas was declared the right-hand man of the department head for turning and milling immediately after completing his training. "At Loibl, you're always supported and encouraged - no matter whether it's during your internship, training, or in your job. This gave me a lot of confidence to grow into my new position." Lukas is glad that Loibl fosters a relaxed corporate culture, so that everyone is given the space to develop to the best of their abilities.

  • Lukas 2017 at the start of his apprenticeship as cutting machine operator

"The combination of my practical knowledge as a design and precision mechanic and the theoretical knowledge from my training in business administration are the ideal basis for me to do my new job in aftersales." Now, when Lukas writes a quote for a customer, he knows exactly what he's talking about, what the product's features are and how best to use it. "Because I've already helped build it myself." If he does have questions, the aftermarket team is immediately on hand to assist him. "Everyone is super helpful. I can rely on each and every one of them."

  • Lukas at the awarding of his master craftsman's diploma

  • Lukas with his family at the presentation of his business administration certificate

Lukas is also an avid skier and soccer player. Both sports have accompanied him since he was five years old. In the meantime, he is a ski instructor at the Leiblfing ski club for children between 5 and 10 years old and a goalkeeper for SV Salching in the Straubing district league.

He doesn't want to become a referee, though. "That's not enough fun. I'd rather train to be a coach at some point." I wonder if his thirst for knowledge won't get too much for him at some point? "No, I like to develop myself further. The main thing is not to stand still!"

  • Lukas is rural youth chairman in his hometown Schwimmbach

  • Ski instructor Lukas: in winter he teaches skiing to children from 5-10 years old

  • Soccer is his passion: He plays as a goalkeeper for the regional club SV Salching

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