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Daniel (20), apprentice for technical product designer at Loibl Förderanlagen GmbH:

„My grandpa was a master mechanic and taught me everything about cars. I spend a lot of my free time working on all sorts of vehicles, but professionally I wanted to do something different. As a trainee for technical product design, I create 3-D models and develop machines and systems that are used in different industries all over the world. At Loibl, every project is different and I have a lot of variety.“

Apprenticeship at Loibl

"I studied technical design at the Deggendorf Institute of Deggendorf after finishing high school, but it was too artistic for me. The course was not practical enough for him, it lacked an application focus. He started looking for alternatives. And finally found Loibl.

"The website appealed to me. Loibl works in a sustainable and future-oriented way. The company also offers great programs and benefits for trainees." He submitted an application and received an invitation for an interview after just a few days. "It was great that I didn't have to wait forever for a response, they got in touch with me right away."

Another person who has influenced Daniel is Niko: one of the youngest project managers at Loibl. "He basically started from 0 to 100 and handles the big responsibility and even difficult projects super well." Daniel supports Niko on many assignments.

"At Loibl, you're actively involved as an apprentice right from the start. We often jump between projects, helping out here and there. As a result, we are constantly confronted with new challenges, which means we learn a lot in a very short time." Niko is very pleased with Daniel's performance: "He's fast, meticulous and always up for a laugh."

  • Peter (left), Daniel and Niko (right) are a sworn team

Next year, he wants to fulfill a big dream and travel to Iceland with his girlfriend. "The rugged landscape with its mountains, lakes and geysers fascinates me. I've been looking forward to this for a long time, to finally see it in person."

Daniel's plan for after his apprenticeship? "Staying with Loibl, of course! I'll definitely add on the technician and get a trainer's license."

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