Production of zinc and zinc alloys: Feed hopper for low-dust ship unloading

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Robert Wiesmüller, Project Manager at Loibl Förderanlagen GmbH:

„A really exciting job, with a scope of delivery 100% adapted to the customer's needs. Our feed hopper was developed in close cooperation with the customer from day 1, which makes it absolutely unique.“

Environmentally friendly dust reduction. The sophisticated extraction system of the hopper car continuously extracts dust-laden air.

Protection of natural waters. An additional special construction, the Spillage Board from Loibl, is used to collect spilled material during the transfer from ship to bin in order to guide it back into the ship. This protects the surrounding sea so nature remains unaffected.

  • Inspection of the existing plant: The feed hopper will be set up between the sea and the zinc factory.

  • The new hopper car system is designed to preserve the landscape around the Norwegian Harbour.

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