Oslo Has The Clue

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CCS - full-chain carbon capture, transport, and storage: The Norwegian CCS project is a blueprint for the EU sustainable waste management: the Waste-to-Energy plant treats non-recyclable waste recovering electricity and heat used by the city of Oslo, the CCS plant captures and safely stores the CO2 generated and acts as a CO2 sink..

What Vikings and Waste-to-Energy have in common

Oslo intends to reduce 95 % of its emissions by 2030 (compared to 1990 levels). Although it is an ambitious climate plan, Oslo is taking some bold steps to meet such goal: being transports the main source of greenhouse gas emissions (61%), the City of Oslo is currently working on a city logistics system that will reduce traffic demand and facilitate the adoption of plug-in hybrids or cars and light freight vehicles powered by renewable fuels; flagship projects that may cause significant emission reductions are also being assessed and executed.

Waste management is also one of Oslo’s priorities to attain its GHG emissions reduction plan successfully. With a circulatory approach, the city intends to reduce the amounts of household waste generated, increase recycling to a minimum of 65 % by 2030 and facilitate the greatest possible reuse.

The CCS project shows how Waste-to-Energy can be part of this ambitious climate strategy. The pilot plant, indeed, proved that it could reach a capture rate of 90%. But there’s more to it: as around 50 per cent of the CO2 emitted by the plant is of biogenic origin, the installation of CCS is turning a Waste-to-Energy plant carbon negative!
A solution to a global challenge

The integration of CCS will contribute to Oslo’s leading role in achieving the carbon neutrality targets by 2030. Scaling these technologies to the entire European sector would help the EU pursue its ambition of reaching climate neutrality by 2050 with no delays.

  • A longship to navigate towards Europe’s climate goals

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