Loibl supports aid campaign for Ukraine

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They collected the needed relief supplies and brought them to the Hungarian/Ukrainian border in a convoy last weekend. The Ukrainian organizations were already waiting there to receive the relief supplies and transport them immediately to Kyiv and Lutzk. They arrived there undamaged on Sunday and were distributed immediately.

Loibl Förderanlagen GmbH was happy to provide a vehicle for the tour, which was around 2000 kilometers long and lasted almost 26 hours and assumed all the associated transport costs without reservation.

Due to the successful campaign, another transport of relief supplies is now planned for the beginning of April. Here, too, Loibl offers support again.

  • The Ukrainian organizations are happy to receive the relief supplies.

  • Friedrich Schmunk and his neighbors packed everything in the cars.

  • Fully loaded the Loibl car is ready for the tour.

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