Internship at Loibl: Leonie introduces herself

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Leonie Schubert (14), intern at Loibl Förderanlagen GmbH:

"What I want from an internship is that the work is fun, the people are friendly and people treat each other with respect. At Loibl, that's exactly what I experienced."

From internship to apprenticeship

An exciting internship. In her free time, Leonie performs in a guild dance group at carnival parades and balls. She is active. A positive young person who is committed and enjoys the things she is doing. That's exactly what Leonie wants from her future training position. Industrial clerks manage commercial and business areas such as materials management, sales, human resources, and finance and accounting. For Loibl Förderanlagen GmbH, it was therefore a matter of course to give the intern a comprehensive insight. She was able to get a taste of service, accounting, marketing, sales and purchasing. In line with her career aspirations, she liked the service area best. "It was great to work there bilingually and interesting to see how customs forms are filled out for shipping, for example. You have to be very careful that nothing goes wrong so that the goods arrive safely at their destination."

Safety and well-being. At Loibl, apprentices not only receive excellent training in which they are optimally prepared for exams and the professional life ahead, but they are also provided with free work clothes, drinks and fresh fruit. We encourage commitment and offer numerous opportunities for further training. We also attach great importance to diversity, open dialog and team culture. We are focused on the well-being of all employees and see ourselves as a community that constantly pursues all prerequisites for a healthy and safe working environment.

  • Leonie Schubert (14) inside a Loibl wet slag conveyor

We want to inspire people with verve and ingenuity for our company - right from the start. That's why we are very committed in educating our own trainees. You can be enthusiastic about challenges, want to learn something that others do not learn, and you want to be challenged and encouraged in your apprenticeship? Then you are at the right place at Loibl.

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