Climbing fun at the 2023 training event

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Arnd Benninghoff, Managing Director CSO, opened the event with a short speech. Together with the team of trainers, he introduced the young talents to the Loibl universe. "An apprenticeship opens doors for you. I myself started my career with a locksmith apprenticeship." He is now the managing director of Loibl Förderanlagen GmbH, one of the world's leading suppliers and manufacturers of customized transport solutions for bulk materials.

Personal and cultural diversity

"Over 60 years of tradition speak for themselves," says Arnd Benninghoff. "We have been training young talent in the skilled trades and other disciplines for decades. With us, you will be optimally prepared for your future. "Partly responsible for the consistently high success of trainees in the annual Chamber of Industry and Commerce examinations is the Loibl team of instructors. "We place great emphasis on personal and cultural diversity," says training manager Tom Wagner. In addition to exam preparations, the team of trainers always has an open ear for the trainees. "We support our trainees in all areas of life."

  • F.l.t.r.: Apprentice trainer Jürgen Bauer, Managing Director Arnd Benninghoff and Apprenticeship Manager Tom Wagner opened the event.

  • Run on the Leberkäse: Before the sport there was a little refreshment for our trainees

  • Together at the table: Apprentice trainer Dominik Schwanzer (left) chats with his apprentice team

Reducing fear and contacting during sports

There was everything from the degrees of difficulty. Our trainees were not afraid to climb difficult routes. It was good that the ground was padded and you landed softly if you lost your footing. Even our instructors climbed diligently and spurred on the young talents to compete with them. Despite all the challenges, however, fun was never neglected and breaks were plentiful to recover from the exertions.

  • Trainer Kushal leitet das Aufwärmtrainig an

  • Profi Kushal zeigt wie's geht: Natürlich gleich an einer der schwersten Routen

  • Und los geht's: Jan (Konstruktionsmechaniker) lässt sich nicht unter Druck setzen und hat Spaß beim Klettern

  • Nicola, Azubi zum Konstruktionsmechaniker, hat keine Höhenangst

  • Kopfüber: Thomas, Azubi zum Technischen Produktdesigner,  klammert sich an die Wand

  • Unser Neuzugang Timofei (Technischer Produktdesigner) versucht sich mit Muskelkraft nach oben zu hangeln

Joint learning new things

Goal achieved, we would say, and we are already looking forward to next year's training event.

  • Apprenticeship manager Tom Wagner (left) and colleague Jürgen grin at the camera while Franz plans his next climbing trip

  • High-energy Maurice, apprentice industrial mechanic, in his element

  • Lana, new apprentice for technical product design, shows the boys how to get to the top

  • Franz Böhm, occupational safety specialist, on the "roof of the world". He is proud to have made it to the top

  • Applause from the audience: Nicola (right) and Maxim, new apprentice as technical product designer, clap along vigorously

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