Burning entertainment - training event 2022

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Richard Stoiber (Managing Director/CFO) adds that the safety of the trainees is particularly close to his heart. "At Loibl, we work with heavy equipment. Our equipment is massive and is used all over the world. Therefore, always pay attention to what you are doing and what is happening around you." Franz Böhm, occupational safety specialist, gives a thumbs-up. He couldn't have said it better.

What am I like? Anyone can rattle off their name, age, educational background and hobbies. Not at Loibl. While the trainees wait for their food, they think of an adjective that best describes them. "Courageous" comes from Maurice, "tolerant" from Thomas. Training manager Tom Wagner introduces himself as "loyal," because he always stands by those who need him. Roman, on the other hand, makes everyone laugh: "I chose romantic because it contains my name and describes me pretty well."

  • Arnd Benninghoff reports of his experiences

  • Richard Stoiber emphasizes the importance of occupational safety

  • Maurice says he's "courageous"

  • Roman the"Roman-tic"

  • Training manager Tom Wagner describes himself as "loyal"

A fiery match. "What's going on?" someone suddenly shouts. Smoke rises from one of the bowling machines. The volume level rises. "Is that thing on fire?" It does smell like burnt rubber. The owner of the machine hurries to put out the developing fire. "A bullet got caught," he growls. After a few minutes, the spit is over. "Not the first time," he adds, and he signals that play can continue. After the initial shock, no one cares about the score. First-year trainees high-five their fourth-year colleagues as if they've known each other forever. At the end of the event, Marketing Manager Lea Pfingsten hands out a small gift for all the participants and comments on their success with, "We were pretty hot on that one, weren't we?"

  • The choice of bowling shoes required flair...

  • ...otherwise it was slippery on the track

  • Once everyone got used to the shoes, stability was no longer a problem

  • Even as one of the bowling alleys begins to smoke...

  • ...participants do not miss the fun

  • That was the 2022 training event!

What will happen at the 2023 training event?

We are excited! Are you too?

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