as well as in industrial and refused-derived fuel power plants (RDF) different conveyor systems are used. As regards the selection and operation, the equipment availability and service life of the components are of greatest importance. With over 60 years of experience in ash and slag conveying we have profound knowledge and can look back on a large number of applications.


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Loibl’s ash removal systems are reliably handling the ashes from the incineration process. Depending on the ash temperature and quantity different mechanical conveying systems are used. The fly ash produced is transported to the ash silo using our pneumatic conveying systems.

Loibl’s slag removal systems are used for an efficient disposal of slag after the incineration process. Here, both the dry deslaggers and wet deslaggers are used. The conveyor systems designed, manufactured and installed by Loibl meet with their high availability, the sturdy design and longevity the requirements of a sustainable materials handling equipment. Additional process equipment is screening and sorting the slag on its way to further recycling in subsequent slag processing plants.

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Slag Processing Plants

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Loibl offers mechanical slag recycling solutions as well as effective systems for slag processing. Conveyors are used to continuously transport the dry slags remaining from the waste incineration to the processing. Slag processing plants consist of a variety of single components where different recyclable material fractions are sorted and separated. With our system solutions the recyclables are sorted automatically according to customer-specific requirements, such as recyclable metal fractions (ferrous and non-ferrous metals). Unburnt material will be refed for incineration, inert and not comminuted elements disposed of in landfills.

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  • Own production in Germany
  • Repair work on components in our factory
  • Delivery, assembly and commissioning
  • Maintenance and inspection work as well as on-site training
  • Delivery of spare and wear parts
  • 24/7 emergency assistance

Reference pictures

  • Wet slag conveyor

  • Wet slag conveyor in production

  • Positioning of a wet slag conveyor on site

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