Besides various special solutions we offer mobile belt conveyors, reversible and mobile screw conveyors as well as telescopic loading devices.

The materials used by us are selected under the consideration of requirements relating to the parts, components and corrosion protection. All safety-relevant requirements including ATEX Design are considered and met.


For the conveying of corrosive bulk materials, such as salts, we produce especially rugged and durable conveyor systems which is achieved by the use of robust materials in connection with stainless steel. In the chemical production plant engineering or in mines the salts are brought up to the surface by means of special materials handling equipment. Also the feeding of salt deposits by means of belt conveyor systems and travelling trippers are part of our long-standing know-how. Our proven and assembly-optimized conveyor belt constructions for underground operation are characterized by a very good corrosion resistance as well as longevity.


Loibl offers different conveying solutions for sugar refineries. Starting with the conveyor system underneath the receiving pit at the beet yard and the beet washing, over the materials handling equipment for the wet pulp to the extraction tower up to further handling of the pulp mass by means of trough or pipe screw conveyors – all conveyor systems from one supplier.

Also included in Loibl’s product range are conveyors to handle wet sugar from the centrifugal station or the different types of the dry, free-flowing crystal sugar to the screening stations and the sugar silos.


  • Own production in Germany
  • Repair work on components in our factory
  • Delivery, assembly and commissioning
  • Maintenance and inspection work as well as on-site training
  • Delivery of spare and wear parts
  • 24/7 emergency assistance

Reference pictures

  • Belt conveyor for salt mining

  • Chute in a salt plant

  • Sugar beet transfer to a beet farm

  • Outdoor transportation of sugar beet to the factory

  • Beet transport using a belt conveyor

  • Silo loading in a sugar refinery

  • Stainless steel transport system in a sugar refinery

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