Case Study – Grate riddling conveyors for new waste incineration plant in UK


West Bromwich, UK

Project period

June 2022 – February 2023


Non-recyclable household and industrial waste

The new waste incineration plant in West Bromwich, UK, is a combined heat and power plant with a capacity of up to 395,000 tons of residual waste. Instead of being sent to landfill or exported overseas, the non-recyclable household and commercial waste is incinerated and converted into energy. The plant will thus generate up to 47 MW (gross) of partially renewable baseload electricity for more than 95,000 UK homes. Once operational, the WtE power plant will create more than 40 new full-time jobs and bring significant economic value to the local region as well as scope for further investment.

For the project, Loibl Förderanlagen GmbH supplied two grate riddling conveyors for the discharge of incineration residues.

The ash is discharged from the boiler via rotary feeders and other Loibl system solutions into a trough chain conveyor located below. The chain conveyor transports the accumulating boiler ash into the subsequent on-site drop chute, via which the combustion residues enter the ram deslaggers and are removed by means of slag transport.

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