Case Study – World's largest IBA Treatment Plant in Dubai


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Project period

November 2020 - July 2023

Special features

Turnkey, completely self-sufficient and world's largest slag processing plant

Turning waste into energy. The new Dubai Waste Management Centre (DMWC) is one of the largest waste-to-energy plants in the world and represents a significant step in the implementation of the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy, which aims to achieve a clean energy infrastructure for the country by 2050. The plant processes approximately 1,900,000 tons of waste annually, more than any other waste-to-energy plant in the world currently. The incinerated waste generates 200 MW of electricity, which will power 135,000 households, or about 2 % of the metropolis' total energy consumption.

For the project, Loibl Förderanlagen GmbH supplied a turnkey slag processing plant including control system and software, which operates completely self-sufficiently and is based on the latest technological standards.

The coarse slag is screened and passes through an overband magnet before being fed to a sorting booth. In the air-conditioned booth, the slag is manually separated from coarse parts by two employees. Very coarse parts are sorted out into a bunker, conveyed to an impact mill, where they are crushed and returned to the plant. After sorting and crushing, the coarse slag is refined and can be added to the regular conveying process to filter out further metal components.

Electronics and other plant specifications. Loibl provided the engineering of all electronics routes as well as the software and programming for the control and monitoring of the slag processing plant. The electronics center is located in an E-container inside the hall. The plant can be controlled from the electrical container as well as from a dust-protected operator station in the hall of the processing plant.

The plant is designed to be compact and space-saving. It runs independently of the waste incineration process and is located in the purpose-built hall, which is equipped with short maintenance paths and maintenance-friendly assembly equipment.

It was completed on schedule and with no accident-related downtime. It passed all tests during the recent warm commissioning. The completion of the DWMC project is a great success for Loibl Förderanlagen GmbH in the Middle East and creates room for further projects in the future.

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