Case Study – New conveyor line added to recycling wood plant



Project period

November 2022 - September 2023

Conveyed material

Waste wood

Luxembourg. Recycled wood-based materials are fed back into the production process at the processing plant. A new hall was built in 2023 to expand the existing plant. The pan conveyor by Loibl is connected to the new hall and is used to receive and transport recycled wood. As the waste wood is delivered by truck and unloaded directly onto the pan conveyor, the design had to be particularly sturdy and durable.

Unloading recycled wood can generate dust, which can have a negative impact on the environment and employees. The pan conveyor is therefore equipped with a water spraying system to minimize dust formation during the unloading and transport process. The side access guard is divided into two parts and can be easily opened when the apron feeder is at a standstill. This allows easy access for cleaning and maintenance work.

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