Case study – efficient energy generation for the Chinese paper industry

Components for the thermal recovery of residues from waste paper preparation
Installation location

Taicang, Quanzhou, Yongxing,
Chongqing, Dongguan (China)


high temperature of the
conveyed material

Conveyed material

Ashes from waste paper incineration

Conversion year

2017 to 2018


Mechanical fly ash
and bedding systems for CFB boilers


Resource-saving paper production in compliance with the strictest environmental standards

Case study

Pulp and Paper: Loibl Conveying Technologies enable efficient plant operation

Waste from recycling of waste paper (rejects, sludges) undergoes thermal utilization. The from the combustion process resulting ash is a considerable challenge for conveying systems due to the high temperature as well as corrosive substances and impurities. Therefore, they require a special design. As an expert in this field, Loibl has extensive expertise with numerous references worldwide and offers highly efficient conveying systems such as cooling screws, slide valves and other components in heat-resistant (stainless steel) design for this special conveying medium.

Nine Dragons Paper is the largest paper producer in Asia and leads the field in resource-saving paper production, observing the most stringent environmental standards. This order represents the beginning of a long and fruitful cooperation, which manifests the international and leading position of Loibl in the field of conveyor technology.

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