Case Study - New conveyor system for transporting dry fine slag

Modernization and optimization of dry slag conveying system in Swiss waste incineration plant


Planning Period

July 2023 - June 2024

Conveyed Bulk Material

Dry fine slag

Customized conveying solutions for dry fine slag from Loibl

The dry fine bottom ash ans slag is conveyed by various conveyor systems from Loibl, which are specially tailored to the customer's requirements. They convey the dry residues efficiently and reliably outside the WtE plant into an existing slag processing hall, where the dry fine ash and slag is sorted by five screens according to grain size for further processing.

Waste incineration plant equipped with modernized conveyor system

In addition to the conveyor system, Loibl is also supplying two support towers and two belt bridges with access on both sides and the necessary platforms for maintenance work. A stair tower in combination with another support tower and platforms provides additional accessibility and support for the conveyors.

The new conveyor system is capable of conveying up to 65 t/h and provides an efficient and safe working environment for fine slag transportation.

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