Case Study - Retrofit project waste incineration: Optimization of e-filter discharge

Loibl renews E-filter residue discharge for thermal waste recycling plant in Mannheim using customized conveyor technology

Mannheim, Germany

Planning Period

January 2024 – October 2025

Special Features

Heated conveying system, state-of-the-art measuring technology, particularly wear-resistant pneumatics with weighing and short assembly time during system revision phase

Mannheim. To optimize the e-filter residue discharge in the Mannheim waste incineration plant, Loibl is supplying the entire conveyor technology, including insulation between the filter system and the residue silo. The trace heating system heats the conveyor system to a holding temperature of 140 °C. As water is bound in the ash, the high temperatures are intended to prevent it from condensing and leading to caking and bridging.

The entire conveyor system is equipped with modern fill level and temperature sensors, which automate the monitoring process and ensure smooth operation.

The installation of the new conveyor technology will take place during the inspection phase of the 2025 waste incineration plant. Our experienced installation team will install the new conveyor system during a short installation period. Thanks to decades of experience, the team is ideally prepared for this challenge.

The installation of the new system will significantly improve the efficiency and sustainability of the plant.

Scope of supply and services

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