Case Study – Custom conveyor system for WEEE waste recycling


Georgia, USA

Project period

July 2022 – June 2023

Bulk material

Electronic waste

The amount of electronic waste generated each year is increasing rapidly. The EU directive Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment, WEEE for short, has been ensuring more sustainable production and consumption of electronic equipment throughout Europe for more than 20 years. The associated waste products must be recovered through environmentally sound recycling measures. WEEE (Waste of electrical and electronic Equipment) scrap contains rare and expensive resources that can be recycled. Accordingly, the need for intelligently managed recycling facilities is increasing. Not only in the EU, but also in the US. There, Loibl Förderanlagen GmbH supported a project in the electronic waste industry with field-proven conveying systems that enable the discharge of WEEE scrap.

WEEE waste difficulty. In addition to discarded electronic equipment, shredded cables and sheet metal scrap also fall under the category of WEEE. These are non-flowable materials that are almost impossible to handle in combination with conventional conveying and storage technology. Loibl solved this problem using a special discharge system that reliably withstands both the significant structure and the compacted consistency of the bulk material after silo discharge.

Worldwide expansion of circular economy. Loibl Förderanlagen GmbH supports the worldwide expansion of the circular economy with customized and application-friendly special solutions. We support customers from the recycling industry in the recycling of WEEE scrap, tested in practice and adapted to their specific requirements.

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