Case study – Loibl supplies a conveying system for a fossil-fueled power plant in Poland

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Gypsum is a cohesive, non-free-flowing material

Case Study

Gypsum – an important by-product

If the product is of insufficient quality or malfunction messages hinder the transport within the silo, the material is discharged into a container or truck via a bypass located at the outer wall of the silo.

When the gypsum is conveyed in the normal direction, it enters the silo. A movable conveyor belt was supplied for the silo discharge. This LASHBELTCON® can load a waiting truck via two main points. For increased loading precision and low dust generation, a truck loading unit was attached to the traveling conveyor.

  • Complete view

  • Feeding belt

  • Discharge conveyor


Loibl Förderanlagen GmbH supplies mechanical and pneumatic conveyor systems for the transport of lime and gypsum, which are individually adapted to the requirements of our customers. Our conveyors and systems also include components and equipment for intermediate storage, which can be used when transporting material to loading stations or ship loaders.

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