Case Study – Efficient processing of waste streams at IWMF Singapore

Loibl supplies space-saving conveyor system for the transportation of incineration residues

Singapore, Southeast Asia

Properties IWMF system

Processes various waste streams (waste, recyclable household waste, food waste and sludge)

Commissioning of IWMF plant

Mid 2026

Advantages IWMF system

Designed to save space

Special feature of the conveyor system

Space-saving design

The Integrated Waste Management Facility (IWMF) at the Tuas View Basin site in Singapore processes various waste streams. The facility is currently being built in several phases and is scheduled to go into operation from mid-2026. Its key benefits include optimizing land use, maximizing energy and resource recovery and minimizing environmental impact. Synergy with the neighboring Tuas Water Reclamation Plant (TWRP) will ensure sustainable waste recycling.

The entire system has four incineration lines in which ash conveying is handled redundantly. Under the boiler, slide gates, crushers and rotary valves support the crushing of the incineration residues and ensure the required false air seal. Cross conveyors guide the combustion residues either mechanically into a trough chain conveyor to the slag chute or into a two-way distributor, which is connected to the pneumatic conveyor system that conveys them to the ash silos.

Distribution of the incineration residues to different conveying routes

The ash silos are divided into two lines of eight silos each and are equipped with slide gates, rotary valves and changeover flaps for distributing the combustion residues. Depending on requirements, the residues can be transported away via different conveying routes, either mechanically or pneumatically, for efficient and dust-free loading into trucks or silos. For dust-free loading, a double mixing screw is used to moisten the ash mixture.

Cost-effective and customized solutions

Loibl is supplying an innovative and robust system for transporting incineration residues for the project. Thanks to the collaboration, the Integrated Waste Management Facility benefits from modern and customized conveyor technology that contributes to sustainable waste recycling.

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